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AB-Vista / Body-Tachov

Manufactures animal feed, nutrition and technology-based products and offers data services for the agri-food industry. It operates all along the food industry supply chain. It produces and supplies compound animal feed, feed enzymes, specialized feed ingredients and a range of value-added services to farmers, feed and food manufacturers, processors, and retailers. AB Agri also buys grain from farmers and supplies crop inputs through its joint venture arable operation, Frontier Agriculture. With a detailed understanding of agriculture and animal nutrition importance in the global food supply chain, our philosophy is to help change it for the better; influencing and improving food production, so that everyone can eat nutritious food that is produced safely and responsibly. Across the agricultural supply chain, our products, data insight and technological innovation enable our customers to produce and process high-yielding, safe and nutritious food in a responsible way, using fewer chemicals and antibiotics, safeguarding natural resources, and creating less waste and lower emissions. Employing over 3,000 people around the world, we sell products into 84 countries and continue to grow our global operations.